GPWA Approved 18+


  • 1) Every user can give so many predictions, as he wants. (Advice: more predictions, more risk of losing, which will effect to you statistics)
  • 2) The price of the predictions, depends only from the owner. (Advice: dont put very expensive predictions, because so you can push off your clients. )
  • 3) If you offer predictions, the minimum withdraw amount is 50 EUR, from which 5 EUR is withdrawal tax.
  • 4) Accounts of user, which are trying to abuse with the start bonus of 50 credits, will be closed.
  • 5) There is no minimum of the deposit amount, if you want to buy predictions.
  • 6) Available deposit methods are: Moneybookers, PayPal and Epay.
  • 7) 100 credits are equivalent of 1 EUR.